Why Lawyers Should Use Video Marketing To Their Advantage

video marketing for lawyers

Video marketing is an asset to almost any business out there these days, and lawyers need to understand how it can give them the edge they require. Think like a consumer for a moment. You land on a website for an attorney, and you see everything you expect. The site is beautiful; there is even a blog, and you find plenty of information. There is even a picture of the lawyer that you’re thinking about hiring. However, what sets this attorney or law firm apart from all the others?

It’s great to see reviews, and it’s great to see that a lawyer has been in practice for many years. Outside the common factors that would help you make a decision about which attorney to hire, you’re going to be looking towards that initial consultation. Now, imagine that the website you land on has capitalized on video marketing to speak to clients looking for an attorney. To clients, that can make all the difference.

Barbara Humphrey, a consultant commenting on the use of videos by Cobbet & Cotton, a Canadian law firm “What you would be looking for during the initial consultation can in ways be found in those videos. What type of personality does that attorney have? Would you feel comfortable with this person representing you in court? Switch back to being an attorney, and think of all the ways you could use video marketing to get more clients.”

These videos don’t just have to be on your main site. They can be everywhere! They can be on social media pages, video sites, blogs and more. Videos can help feed your main site and get you more clients. They can contribute to convincing customers that you are the attorney they want to speak to first. Once you get those clients in for the initial consultation, you can seal the deal.

Have a look at the video by Las Vegas attorney Rodney K. Okano. He gives his potential clients and idea of who he is and how he can help them.

As an attorney, you’re familiar with the fact that these videos must be made professionally. You can’t get away with throwing something together, or you’re going to lose clients, not gain them. A plan is required, and do you have the necessary equipment? If not, that’s fine because there are companies out there with all that equipment and the expertise to help get your video marketing efforts off the ground.

Have you considered doing videos of customer testimonials? These types of videos can be helpful as well, and they hold much more weight than the written versions. Do you have your private practice or do you work for a law firm? There is nothing wrong with a law firm pursuing video marketing efforts that promote the company itself. However, if you want people to make the personal decision to hire you as their attorney, you need videos that market you like the person for the job.

Step back into the shoes of the client for a moment. You are looking for an attorney, and you have a case that needs attention immediately. Certainly, you have plenty of questions. Instead of having to read through a ton of information to get your answers, wouldn’t it be nice to see videos that provide solutions to common and even very specific types of questions? Clients can learn so much from these videos, and who do you think they’re going to hire once they have this kind of experience?

It’s not just about guiding the customers but about standing above the competition. It’s one thing to have a presence online to capitalize on the market like all the other law firms and lawyers. It’s a different story when you do something those other attorneys aren’t doing and reach out to the clients using videos. Video are preferred content in this day and age, and as you can tell, they can help lawyers reach out to and identify with potential clients.

Videos spread like wildfire on the web when you know how to approach marketing them. In other words, you’re not just going to make professional videos, but you’re going to have to learn the marketing side of things as well. Again, remember there are companies out there that can help you with this, which means you can get the assistance you need to build your entire video marketing campaign. If you’re looking to get more clients, and you haven’t pursued video marketing, the time is now.

The Benefits Of Using Video Marketing For An Air Conditioning Repair Business

If you have an air conditioning repair business, you should think about using the Internet to promote your services. You probably already have a website to share necessary information about your business and the services you offer. You might be using social media as well and have your business listed with different local directories.

However, these methods will only allow you to reach out to Internet users who are looking for an AC repair service in your area. You need to combine this approach with other strategies that will allow you to reach out to Internet users who are looking for information on different issues and who might not know yet that they need AC repairs.

Internet users are for instance going to look up questions and keywords related to common air conditioning problems. They might look up what the possible causes of an unusual noise could be, look for information on how to properly clean AC vents or want to know how often they need to change the air filters of their AC system.

It is easy to provide Internet users with helpful content while promoting your services as a repairman by creating some videos. You can launch your YouTube channel for free and use this platform to upload videos where you explain and show how to perform basic repairs and maintenance. You could for instance, film yourself cleaning vents and air ducts or replacing air filters.

Videos are an excellent way to reach out to your audience because people who are looking for tutorials and information on how to perform AC repairs and maintenance are very likely to need your services. They might be able to accomplish a few things themselves, but they will still remember the name of your business the next time they are in need of repairs or maintenance services.

Moreover, Internet users who look for this type of content are probably not aware that they need to have their air conditioning system inspected, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. A lot of homeowners neglect their AC system until they encounter an issue, and this is precisely the audience you can target by creating some tutorials and ‘how to’ videos showing basic repairs and maintenance.

Videos are an excellent way to educate your audience. You can teach them how to keep their AC system in good shape while telling them that regular maintenance is needed. You could give some examples of the different tasks that need to be performed to keep an AC system in good working order and encourage your watchers to give you a call if they need repair and maintenance services.

Using videos is a great strategy because Google and other search engines are likely to include this type of content towards the top of search results when there are videos that are relevant to the keyword a user looked up. If your competitors are currently ranking higher than you for regular search results, using videos could be a good way to get the name of your business to appear on your competitors’ websites in search results.

Videos are an engaging format for your Internet marketing campaign because they are easy to create and because Internet users a more likely to watch an entire video instead of reading an article. You can easily share some helpful information to educate your audience about AC maintenance and repair and explain why they need your services just like Vancouver air conditioner experts Canada Furnace does. Videos can easily be shared on social media and are more likely to be seen by mobile users since this format is a lot more convenient for users who are browsing the Internet on a small screen.

You should think about launching a YouTube channel if you do not already have one. There are other platforms where you can upload your video content, such as Vimeo and DailyMotion. Focus on creating quality videos that will answer the questions your target audience has and use videos to educate homeowners about the importance of proper Las Vegas AC Repair. People will be more likely to use your services after watching your videos and realizing that you are an expert when it comes to air conditioning repairs and maintenance.

Simple Marketing Ideas For Filmmakers

Although good things/films do sell, a lot of effort needs to be put into marketing to increase views, traffic, and profits. Although marketing is an important factor for every business, most filmmakers spend much of their time creating a great movie and don’t do much when it comes to marketing and advertisement.  You, however, need a good marketing plan to get your product out there (considering the market is already bloated) to reach out to target audience as well as make some money out of the same. To market your videos/clips online, you need to:

  1. Create a video space

culturespyCreating your video space allows your target audience to use the channel to watch the videos, leave comments, and even leave some pointers on the same.  It helps the movie magic makers to be able to reach out to their target audience, as well as market their brand as well. YouTube and Vimeo are some of the leading free video sharing/hosting sites that you can use to sell your clips. You, however, need to upload short videos (2 minutes or less) for sneak peeks on longer clips.

  1. Create teasers and trailers:

star-wars-the-force-awakens-trailers-1400x600In case you haven’t noticed, filmmakers today use YouTube and Vimeo to reach out to target audiences using teasers and trailers of their films.  Trailers and teasers leave fans scratching their heads second guessing what will happen in the real movie.  You can utilize this to your benefit to drive traffic as well as sales for the same. The best thing about the two hosting sites is that they are free to use.

  1. Market on social media

socialThe social media influences much of the traffic on most websites. Hence, a great instrument to use when marketing your work. Filmmakers can take advantage of the numbers by creating an account with every platform to promote their products.  You also need to allow users and audiences to share the video clips with their friends to improve visibility on the same.  You also need to give back by following other filmmakers and producers, as well as audiences to get a decent share of the market.

  1. Make use of Vine

Girl-Shooting-Video-with-PhoneVine is a new feature introduced by Twitter that allows users to create a 6-second clip of their movies. The app generates a video clip and posts it to your timeline thus allowing other people to watch it. It is also a fun way to promote your work.

You may also need to create a Vlog (Video Blog) where potential audiences can log on to see your work. You also need to update the Vlog every once in a while to keep fans engaged.