Why Lawyers Should Use Video Marketing To Their Advantage

video marketing for lawyers

Video marketing is an asset to almost any business out there these days, and lawyers need to understand how it can give them the edge they require. Think like a consumer for a moment. You land on a website for an attorney, and you see everything you expect. The site is beautiful; there is even a blog, and you find plenty of information. There is even a picture of the lawyer that you’re thinking about hiring. However, what sets this attorney or law firm apart from all the others?

It’s great to see reviews, and it’s great to see that a lawyer has been in practice for many years. Outside the common factors that would help you make a decision about which attorney to hire, you’re going to be looking towards that initial consultation. Now, imagine that the website you land on has capitalized on video marketing to speak to clients looking for an attorney. To clients, that can make all the difference.

Barbara Humphrey, a consultant commenting on the use of videos by Cobbet & Cotton, a Canadian law firm “What you would be looking for during the initial consultation can in ways be found in those videos. What type of personality does that attorney have? Would you feel comfortable with this person representing you in court? Switch back to being an attorney, and think of all the ways you could use video marketing to get more clients.”

These videos don’t just have to be on your main site. They can be everywhere! They can be on social media pages, video sites, blogs and more. Videos can help feed your main site and get you more clients. They can contribute to convincing customers that you are the attorney they want to speak to first. Once you get those clients in for the initial consultation, you can seal the deal.

Have a look at the video by Las Vegas attorney Rodney K. Okano. He gives his potential clients and idea of who he is and how he can help them.

As an attorney, you’re familiar with the fact that these videos must be made professionally. You can’t get away with throwing something together, or you’re going to lose clients, not gain them. A plan is required, and do you have the necessary equipment? If not, that’s fine because there are companies out there with all that equipment and the expertise to help get your video marketing efforts off the ground.

Have you considered doing videos of customer testimonials? These types of videos can be helpful as well, and they hold much more weight than the written versions. Do you have your private practice or do you work for a law firm? There is nothing wrong with a law firm pursuing video marketing efforts that promote the company itself. However, if you want people to make the personal decision to hire you as their attorney, you need videos that market you like the person for the job.

Step back into the shoes of the client for a moment. You are looking for an attorney, and you have a case that needs attention immediately. Certainly, you have plenty of questions. Instead of having to read through a ton of information to get your answers, wouldn’t it be nice to see videos that provide solutions to common and even very specific types of questions? Clients can learn so much from these videos, and who do you think they’re going to hire once they have this kind of experience?

It’s not just about guiding the customers but about standing above the competition. It’s one thing to have a presence online to capitalize on the market like all the other law firms and lawyers. It’s a different story when you do something those other attorneys aren’t doing and reach out to the clients using videos. Video are preferred content in this day and age, and as you can tell, they can help lawyers reach out to and identify with potential clients.

Videos spread like wildfire on the web when you know how to approach marketing them. In other words, you’re not just going to make professional videos, but you’re going to have to learn the marketing side of things as well. Again, remember there are companies out there that can help you with this, which means you can get the assistance you need to build your entire video marketing campaign. If you’re looking to get more clients, and you haven’t pursued video marketing, the time is now.