Tips For Using Video To Market Your Playground Design Business

Playgrounds for children are very popular today. Many parents prefer to have the birthday parties and family reunions outside their homes, so they are happy to make use of such venues that can save them from turning their houses into playgrounds, for unleashed children, that feature a kids slide, a ball pen, and many other indoor activities. Since there is such a high demand on the market, there’s no wonder many entrepreneurs have decided to start their own playground business. This trend is a valuable opportunity for playground design companies, as they have a chance to find lots of clients without too many efforts.

Playground equipment for kids.

What’s Your Marketing Plan?

Nonetheless, you need to put your offer in front of your potential customers, as this is the only way they can become aware that you exist. Marketing is the soul of every business, so you have to think about developing a solid marketing strategy if you want to be successful in your endeavors.

Get Your Brand Online

The potential clients of your playground design business are online, just like everyone else. Being online means you can find them on social media networks, on video websites, and search engines. As the video is one of the preferred communication and information methods of so many people, it makes sense for you to try to develop a video marketing plan, to meet your target audience in this welcoming and user-friendly environment. This article is going to offer you a few tips on using video to market your playground design business.

Video Marketing

First of all, you should consider setting up a business channel on all the main video websites. YouTube and Vimeo are only two of the opportunities you need to take advantage of. The more websites you can have your videos uploaded on, the better. Each of these videos is just another gate and opportunity to be found by your potential clients.

One of the biggest advantages of YouTube is its internal search engine. Millions of users search for information on the website every day. A wannabe playground owner is going to search for various ideas to implement in his space, so he’s probably going to search for videos, to see what he could offer his customers. You can be there with some videos or animations of some playground plans. If you have some real ones, don’t shy away from uploading them. Nonetheless, if you are too new in this business to have any major projects in your portfolio, you can always produce a mock-up video, illustrating all games, tools and playing accessories you can help a business owner design for his venue.

The content of your videos is critical, so you should take your time and understand what your clients want to see. You have to identify the possible reasons why they would choose you over your competitors. You need to develop a unique selling proposition that would attract all these people to hire you to design their playground.

Work Portfolio

Although your experience is necessary, the first thing your potential clients are going to see is your portfolio. Once they learn what you can do, they are probably going to be biased towards you, so you are going to find it easier to get them sign a services agreement which is why your videos have to be brilliant demos of the entertainment and joy you can offer to children of various ages. It’s a good idea to have multiple videos, to keep these segments separate. Smaller children are going to enjoy different toys than older ones. It’s good to have all categories in mind, but you should keep the communication separate, as this would enable you to reach your clients in a more efficient manner.

How Can Your Potential Clients Reach You?

Last but not least, always remember to include clear contact details in all your videos. Illustrating various playground design concepts and benefits are great, but you always need to link these ideas to your brand or the name of your company. When potential clients find it easy to associate your brand with your work, you can benefit from an excellent conversion rate which is how effective video marketing has to be done. If you aren’t sure you can manage these concepts, you should probably hire a digital marketing agency to help you which is perhaps one of the best tips one could give you.